Welcome to the official website of the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative (PRBI).  Funded through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration at the US Department of Commerce, the PRBI is working to improve broadband services for all residents of Puerto Rico.   We invite you to learn more about us.


High-speed Internet or broadband is one of the most transformative communications technologies in human history. In just over a decade, broadband has completely changed commerce, public discourse, and how we interact with each other and the rest of the world. Broadband is no longer a luxury. Broadband is a necessity.

Our Partners

The companies and People that made PRBI possible:

Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative Participants: 

The Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative ISP Partners:

CaribeNetVozAeroNetWorldNetPRWAyustarAWV CommunicationsCulebra NetOsnet Wireless

The Puerto Rico Bridge Supporters:

  • Eduardo A. Bhatia Senator for Puerto Rico, Deputy Minority Leader of the Popular Party
  • Hon. José Chico Vega Member of the Puerto Rico House of Representitives and Chairman of the Economic Development, Planning, Commerce, Industry and Telecommunications.
  • Cibuco.Net
  • Ciudadanos del Karso
  • Department of Education of Puerto Rico
  • Escuela de Derecho Universidad de Puerto Rico
  • Hon. Sila M. González Calderón Senator for Puerto Rico
  • Hon. Carlos D. López Bonilla Mayor Rincón
  • Hon. Maritza Meléndez Nazario Mayor Naguabo
  • Hon. William Miranda Marín ex Mayor Caguas
  • Hon. Abel Nazario Mayor Yauco
  • Bill Nelson Congressman for Florida
  • Hon. Rolando Ortíz Velandez Mayor Cayey
  • Hon. Víctor M. Ortiz Mayor Gurabo
  • Pedro R. Pierluisi Puerto Rico Resident Commisioner
  • Juan E. Rodríguez de Hostos Chief Information Officer Goverment of Puerto Rico
  • Hon. José A. Santiago Rivera Mayor Comerío
  • Hon. Larry Seilhammer Rodríguez Senator for Puerto Rico
  • Hon. Edwin Soto Santiago Mayor Las Marías
  • Cmdte. Pedro A. Vázquez Montanezilla Puerto Rico Fire Deparment Chief
  • xSkyNet
  • XairnetCorp