Welcome to the official website of the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative (PRBI).  Funded through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration at the US Department of Commerce, the PRBI is working to improve broadband services for all residents of Puerto Rico.   We invite you to learn more about us.


High-speed Internet or broadband is one of the most transformative communications technologies in human history. In just over a decade, broadband has completely changed commerce, public discourse, and how we interact with each other and the rest of the world. Broadband is no longer a luxury. Broadband is a necessity.

Puerto Rico Internet Service Providers get Ready for the New Internet Protocol IPV6










The Telegraph facilities, home of the Federal Proposal: Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative was the setting for the first workshop offered on the island regarding the new Internet protocol, IPv6, and for which all telecommunications companies must be integrating in their systems if they don’t want to face problems in the future with their users addresses. 

The IPV6 is developed because of the large volume of Internet addresses that are needed, since the current IPv4 protocol is running outCompanies such as Liberty, AT&T, Claro, OsnetWorldnetAeronetAWV Communications, Wireless Caribbean and federal initiatives such as Inteco, benefited from the workshop covering the topics of definition, migration and implementation of the new system that is making its way, by leaps and bounds in the growing world of technology. The workshop was given by Jose Rosa, from the Cisco company and who is an expert in the telecommunications industry and specifically in IPV6 protocol.