Welcome to the official website of the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative (PRBI).  Funded through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration at the US Department of Commerce, the PRBI is working to improve broadband services for all residents of Puerto Rico.   We invite you to learn more about us.


High-speed Internet or broadband is one of the most transformative communications technologies in human history. In just over a decade, broadband has completely changed commerce, public discourse, and how we interact with each other and the rest of the world. Broadband is no longer a luxury. Broadband is a necessity.

PRBI peers with Google, Facebook, Amazon

Critical Hub Networks, managing company of the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative, announced Friday it has established peering with Facebook, Google, and Amazon. The interconnectivity agreement will enable direct data exchange among the networks, bypassing the Internet, for faster, more efficient and reliable services.

“Peering with Facebook, Amazon and Google benefits broadband consumers and presents opportunities for economic growth for the island, encouraging the establishment of server farms here on the island and content creation targeted specifically for our residents,” stated Carlo Marazzi, President of Critical Hub Networks.

In April 2010, Critical Hub was awarded $25.7 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds through the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration to develop the PRBI to deliver fast, affordable broadband service islandwide.

A key component of the PRBI project is establishing peering between Puerto Rico broadband networks and major content providers such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. In addition to that trio of partners, the PRBI project has also activated many other peering connections both in Puerto Rico and in the PRBI hub in Miami, Florida, Marazzi said.

“Peering is a key piece of the puzzle in fixing Puerto Rico’s broadband woes. It will help to put Puerto Rico on a level playing field with the continental U.S. and international nations. We want to optimize and facilitate broadband for the island,” Marazzi added.